Hip Hammock ®
is a registered trademark
U.S. Patent No D425, 696

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Swanke, Ltd.
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"I received the Hip Hammock® yesterday evening and I have to say WOW! My baby doesn't know what hit him! He loves being in it, and has fallen asleep while in it twice already! A MILLION THANKS to you!"

Stacey & Alex
(4 months old)

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The ORIGINAL Hip Hammock is Back!


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Eight years into some hard earned growth, I turned over production of the Hip Hammock® to a retail giant.  Their hopes were to meet consumer demand for a  "carrier for OLDER BABIES"  and to get an inexpensive copy into the large retail stores. 

Three years later, after repeated requests for my quality version ...the ORIGINAL  Hip Hammock is Back!

The trademark  "Hip Hammock"  has become synonymous with carrying a child on your hip.  Several carriers that are direct copies or close versions of the Hip Hammock are competing for a share of the BIGGER BABY market.  After all, how do you carry a child that has outgrown their infant style front pack?  On your hip, of course!

The ORIGINAL Hip Hammock is still the cleanest and most streamlined design.

It's produced on a small scale by its designer.

It's total American quality craftsmanship. It's affordable.

It's all you need. It's BACK! 

Is the Hip Hammock® right for you? Has your child outgrown your frontal carrier? Notice how the open leg area accomodates the larger child - up to 3 years of age. At about 15 lbs or 4 months, the Hip Hammock TM will hold the child on your hip while the head rest and the nook of your arm will support their head.

Here's what some of our customers have to say!

"I received my hip hammock a couple weeks ago and I'm hooked! Brooke and I went to Florida to visit my sister. The hammock was great in the crowded airport with a 3 hour layover! I could carry her in the hammock and my carry-on bag- no problem! I got something to eat at the airport and she slept in it while I paid and sat down and ate! Her little head rested in the crook of my arm! It was even great on the plane, since we boarded while she was still sleeping in it. I just loosened the straps and rotated her to the front and she slept in it while we flew! This left both hands free to read a magazine and drink a pop! Plus, it was safe to have her strapped to me in the event of turbulence.

While in Florida, we visited a restaurant with my family. Brooke got extremely fussy. I finally pulled out the hammock from the diaper bag, and she INSTANTLY calmed down in it! I even nursed her in it as I ate dinner! Her mouth was at the right level after I adjusted the straps a little! She immediately fell asleep in it as I continued my dinner with both hands free! Today, I vacuumed and dusted the whole house while she sat in the hammock just looking around as content as can be! My back and shoulders felt perfect when I was done!"

Tara & Brooke (4 months old)

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The Hip Hammock® provides a nurturing environment for your little one. Read customer testimonials and see how it might fit into your routine.

Hip Hammock ® is a registered trademark - U.S. Patent No D425, 696