Hip Hammock ®
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U.S. Patent No D425, 696

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Swanke, Ltd.
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"Way to GO! My daughter likes it as an alternative to the backpack. When we go out, it doesn't take up as much room as the backpack, and it works well when I sit down. Good job! I am recommending it to all my friends."



"I just wanted to let you know that I ordered my Hammock from you 7.5 years and four kids ago. I'm still using it and loving it !!! Thanks for such a great product!"


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Available Shell Fabrics...

  • All Hip Hammocks are LINED with a lightweight, water wicking fleece. This is NOT the hot version of fleece. It is chosen because it pulls moisture away from the body and dries quickly.

  • You won't be able to tell a difference heat wise between the shell fabrics. There is a third inner layer to the Hip Hammock. It is a woven foam core added for strength and to help maintain the body shape of the carrier. Choose a Hip Hammock because you like the fiber or color.

  • Treat your Hip Hammock like a nice purse. Clean with a lint roller or dark, damp cloth. Rub with your hand under water to touch up little spots. Wash it on cold or warm, gentle cycle and hang to dry when needed. Never bleach, use fabric softener, or iron the webbing or fleece side!

  • The Hemp fabric will get a stiff wrinkle to it when washed (like your new jeans.) This will smooth out again from the weight of you carrying your child in it.

    Kyoto Print

    This exquisite carrier is inspired by Japan's mountainous region known as the Tamba Highliands.. The modern city of Kyoto features a picturesque lake and lovely canals which line some of the older streets.

    Kyoto Print - $54

    Floral Print

    Lovely, soothing blooms help make this carrier a popular option.

    Floral Print - $54

    Olivea Print

    Gorgeous, geometric circles in flattering hues pop against the backdrop in this exciting new print. Circles and squares have never had such a classic and artistic flair!

    Olivea Print - $54

    Blossom Print

    Rich, warm flowers bloom and provide a soothing backdrop for any little one craving comfort.

    Blossom Print - $54

    100% Hemp

    Neutral color to wear. Looks good when you dress it up or down. Wrinkles like a thick linen. Blends well with dirt. Dads like this one!

    Note: Hemp does have a slight scratchy feel. That texture will touch the parents inner (hugging) arm, but not the child's tender skin.

    Hemp - $54

    Mocha Nylon

    Think coffee with lots of cream. Yum. Again, an easy neutral to wear.

    The color is milder than the black and looks great with jeans or dressed up. A soft and quiet nylon.

    Mocha Nylon - $54

    Black Nylon

    Of all the colors and prints I've used for the Hip Hammock, Black is easy to wear and always been my best seller.

    Easy to wipe clean and feels soft and cool in the summer months.

    Black Nylon - $54


    Hip Hammock is a registered trademark - U.S. Patent No D425, 696